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There should be a warning before a presentation starts "I will use the Henry Ford with faster horses phrase" and give people option to leave
Concurreren in de krimpende markt vd #kinderopvang? Zorg voor transparante communicatie met #ouders m.b.v. http://t.co/OBZ2UtBwqQ #congresmk
Met #Bitcare kan de aandacht worden weerlegd naar waar hij hoort: de zorg voor kinderen en hun ontwikkeling. #kinderopvang #gastouder #app
@VeenLeonie ik ben erg tevreden over Bitcare.
#kinderopvang moet betaalbaar en van goede #kwaliteit zijn, aldus de SP. Wij zijn het daar mee eens, u ook? http://t.co/ecUZZKrZS5
Data is king....otherwise, it is just an opinion. Creating a Data Driven Culture | VentureFizz http://t.co/PLNyeHc7
APIs and Developers: if you understand the importance of these 2 things, you understand the future.
Why We Need Storytellers at the Heart of Product Development http://t.co/CX56c29R
Qics prolongeert status van Microsoft Partner, lees meer op Qics.nl #Qics #Microsoft
Reading: Building a Startup v. Building a Business http://t.co/PRlusK8o RT @HackerNewsYC
Building better enterprise software requires fundamentally different software companies. http://t.co/ra45PolK via @techcrunch #tssyonder
Start a Company; It's Your Only Hope of Living the Life You Want http://t.co/gY8kfzlz via @IncMagazine
“Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity.” - Will Smith
Microsoft keeps it old-school with a pricey text adventure game, Visual Studio 2010 http://t.co/Dg2C1d8A
I'm looking for #UX professionals who can help to shape the future SaaS product of #PinkRoccade. Email me ronald.voets@pinkroccade.nl 4 info
We’re hiring – User Interface Developer! Check Qics.nl for details #Qics #UserInterface #ASP.NET #Silverlight
Business model innovation as important as technological innovation this year. #ces http://t.co/hsKjrRbS
Ik zoek versterking van ons IBIS team: Medewerker IBIS Helpdesk bit.ly/xrVnN3 #vacature #brinkgroep #leukebaan Retweets zeer welkom #in
The Myth Of The Sophisticated User - Smashing UX Design http://t.co/A8WY7bnt #ux
SOAP. Simple Object Access Protocol. Except it's not Simple, it's Complicated. And it's not about Objects, it's about RPC. So, really: CRAP
9 Things That Motivate Employees More Than Money http://t.co/vuDYhLo2 via @IncMagazine - agree with all exept 4 ;-)
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