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What have I been up to?

It has been a long time ago, I posted something here..
the only Jaiku announcements I still make... off to the gym.. ;-)
off to the gym... See if it clears my head a bit...
... I guess one of my last posts here...
You all the best for 2009
Again to the movies, cos can't go skating yet
Watching some telly now, doesn't happen too much
Going to Sauna...
2008 on the Web: The 20 Key Events (http://mashable.com/2008...)
Arrived in Seattle, but delayed due to snow in A'dam
Off to the gym, and not cos of a turkey
Again pissed off at Ziggo..... They just don't want to help me... after 30min on the phone, sorry.. call back tomorrow :-(
I got to go for yesterdays missed run...
oeps.. with the snow skipped the running today
Very relaxed Sunday... soon off to the movies, a run and sauna... ;-)
Good, a relaxed morning...
Going out to get some fresh air... it feels as if I need it...
I did go to the gym.. and compensated all the exercise with beer and fries
Should I go spinning or not?
Almost home, but did already some email catch-up... Good after 4 days offline
Why are traveling mornings always so early?
Back from the Gym... packed and ready to travel tomorrow
Reading some last news.. should go to sleep
Going out for a run
More items...