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What have I been up to?

No Buzzing Exact location yet.
What a great day it was... hardly any appointments.. just some phone calls and a lot of new ideas..
Struggling with byte encodings... Why can't the whole world just be Unicode
I just added my Exact Product Blog articles to my life stream
Really smart to land 3 planes at the same time at a small airport. Impossible to handle the crowd
I'm loosing my mind...
Why doesn't my RSS parser not work properly
Buzz asks me what I'm thinking. Shouldn't thinking not be thinking instead of speaking
Another buzzing test
For a change, a real-time test again..
Reading on the real-time web... testing my real-time lifestream... but only failures.. ;-(
Just relaxed hanging around a bit... after so much traveling in the recent weeks it's really great to be home and do nothing
Real-time updating... it's a nightmare to test ;-)
Now hopefully my lifestream gets updated in real-time
Buzz me in real-time...
The Buzz and PubSubHubbub rocks
Testing my real-time lifestream updates... I'm curious about my PubSubHubbub implementation
I desperately need an option to filter out all the Twitter imports in Buzz... They are too delayed on too much noise... May be even the same for the Google Reader... get them double too
Sunil in action during his Exact Synergy Enterorise Report Server integratie
Playing a bridge owner.
Thx for all the Birthday wishes...
I'm ready to go.
Buzzing and Binging to collect information on a presentation on User Experience
So that was the last day in the office for this months... Going traveling again...
I love early mornings at the airport
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